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Adhere to the independent innovation of fluid application equipment&automatic production line equipment, and welcome talents in the field of fluid application equipment to join us.
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Job Responsibilities:

1. Implement national standardization guidelines, policies, laws, regulations, and relevant industry standards;

Responsible for managing enterprise technical standards, including organizing the preparation, revision, training, and optimization of enterprise technical standards;

3. Responsible for managing national standards, industry standards, and group standards edited or participated in by the company, and handling relevant affairs;

4. Prepare enterprise standards required for technical management work;

5. Participate in new product research and development projects, and be responsible for standardization work in the project;

Responsible for the standardization review of the company's new product drawings and various technical documents;

6. Responsible for the promotion, education, and training of standards and standardization;

Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Job Requirements:

Familiar with national and industrial standards, ISO9001 quality system, and R&D process is preferred;

Proficient in using office software, familiar with PLM system is preferred;

3. Good communication and coordination skills and language expression skills, competent in the promotion and implementation of enterprise standardization;

4. Good writing skills and the ability to prepare enterprise standards;

5. Have a strong sense of responsibility, work carefully, and strong teamwork ability.

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