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Will the Power Adapter Leak?

Under certain circumstances, there will definitely be leakage. Of course, static electricity in electronic products is inevitable. Just as our bodies are charged with static electricity in autumn and winter, when we remove chemical fibers from our bodies, you often hear a "pop" when you're wearing a sweater. If it is in the dark, small sparks can still be seen on the clothes. Basic power adapters or other electronic products are basically immune to static electricity if the power outlet is grounded. Let's talk about several situations in which electronic products are electrostatically charged:

1. A small amount of current is conducted through the metal shell inside the power adapter of electronic products, and the human body feels electric leakage. This situation has been well solved in advanced technology. A loop will be formed inside the electronic product, and static electricity will be released well, so it will hardly appear in special circumstances.

2. The AC plug of the power adapter of the electronic product is not well grounded. If there is leakage when touching electronic products, you can also do a simple test yourself. It is to connect the wire to the earth. Of course, you can also find an indoor drain pipe and connect a wire from the drain pipe to the casing of the metal part of the electronic product, so that the static electricity on the electronic product casing can be effectively introduced to the ground and released. When replacing electronic accessories, touching the floor cards with your hands may damage the accessories. Static electricity from the human body can cause the monitor or printer to work abnormally. Therefore, it is best to mold surrounding metal objects to discharge static electricity from your hands. It is best to wear something that does not easily generate static electricity.

3. In fact, when you touch the positive part of the DC power supply of the power adapter with your hand, and the hand is relatively wet, and the human body also touches the wet ground, the higher the DC voltage, the more obvious the numbness of the electric shock. Under normal circumstances, this situation will not be encountered, and the ground and hands will not be particularly wet, and you will step on the wet ground with bare feet to contact the positive part of the DC power output from the power adapter, and even if it is safe, it must be prompted not to imitate.

Above we are talking about the static phenomenon of ordinary Chinese power adapters. In addition to static electricity, there is another technical parameter in the terminology of electronic technology, that is, leakage current.

In household appliances, leakage current refers to the safe current between the operating electrical part and the metal after insulation. The leakage current of electrical appliances for 220V AC is 0.25mA. This safe leakage current is small. Leakage current refers to the current formed between mutually insulated metal parts or between live parts and grounded parts through the surrounding medium or insulating surface when voltage is applied to the fault in the absence of voltage.

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