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What's the Difference Between a DC Adapter and an AC Adapter?

Introduction of AC adapter and DCadapter:

Before understanding the difference between DC power supply and AC power supply, we first know what an AC power adapter is and what a DC power adapter is. The change in the magnitude and direction of the current over time is called alternating current, and what we use in our daily lives is alternating current. The magnitude of the direct current is generally stable, and there is no change in direction. The direct current power supply is generally a stable current.

There are many types of power adapters. The input end of a common power adapter is generally 220V AC, and the output voltage is generally less than 36V. According to its output voltage type, it can be divided into ac voltage output type (AC to AC AC/AC converter) and DC voltage output type (AC to DC AC/DC converter); according to the product connection mode, it can be divided into wall type and desktop type. So what is the difference between them, please see the introduction below.

The difference between AC adapter and DC adapter:

1. The appearance of common AC power adapters (hereinafter referred to as AC power supply) is usually accompanied by the ac symbol. The DC power adapter (hereinafter referred to as DC power supply) is DC.

2. The internal part of the AC adapter is mainly through the power transformer to complete the conversion output. The inside of the DC adapter is composed of a rectifier circuit.

3. At present, the common AC power adapters on routers have a copper core (wire package) inside. When it works, the power consumption will be lost in the form of useless work, and the input voltage range of the line package power supply is very narrow, which cannot adapt to a variety of use environments. The common DC power adapter (such as a mobile phone charger, also called as a DC switching power supply) is internally formed by a rectifier IC chip and a filter circuit, and the loss will be much lower.

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