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What Should Be Paid Attention to During the Charging Process of Lithium Battery Charger?

Ⅰ. Precautions for the charging process of lithium battery charger

1. When the electric vehicle lithium battery charger needs to be charged, first connect the battery to the charger, and then connect the charger to the power source to start charging. After the battery is fully charged, unplug the power supply first, and then disconnect the battery from the charger.

At the same time, when installing a lithium battery charger on an electric vehicle, keep the key door closed. The reason for connecting the battery and the lithium battery charger first is to avoid sparking when the charger is connected to the battery. This phenomenon may cause the risk of breakdown to the battery protection board (BMS) and the charger body.

2. When the lithium battery of the electric vehicle is fully charged, disconnect it from the lithium battery charger in time, although the lithium battery charger itself has the function of stopping charging.

3. Do not charge in an environment where the temperature is lower than zero. Charging below 0°C is not only unsatisfactory, but also accelerates the aging of the lithium battery charger.

4. When charging, you should use a special lithium car battery charger, do not use roadside fast charging, and do not mix with the 486072 volt charger.

5. If the battery is found to be hot during the charging process, please stop charging and use it, and check the lithium battery charger and battery in time.

Ⅱ. What is the charging process of the lithium battery charger?

1. When the power supply is not connected, the LED on the circuit board does not light up.

2. The power supply has been connected to the circuit board, and the green LED remains on. At this time, the circuit board waits for the lithium battery charger to be put in and installed.

3. After inserting the lithium battery, charging will start and the indicator light will turn orange.

4. After the lithium battery is fully charged, charging will stop and the indicator light will turn orange.

5. After the lithium battery is fully charged, please take out the battery, the LED turns green, and then re-insert the lithium battery to charge it.

6. During the charging process, the charging percentage will be displayed.

Ⅲ. LED indicator

1. Lithium battery charger stays green: wait for the battery to be inserted.

2. Lithium battery charger continues yellow: charging.

3. Lithium battery charger keeps orange: the battery has been fully charged or has been charged for 6 hours.

4. Lithium battery charger flashes orange color: warning message including output short circuit, reverse polarity connection and abnormal temperature.

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