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What Problems Should I Pay Attention to when Using the Power Adapter?

Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, new electronic products are constantly appearing, so many electronic products are indispensable for power adapters, but for many people, when they are using, there are actually many incorrect operations. Improper use may lead to potential safety hazards, and inappropriate use will reduce the service life of electronic products. Today, we will explain the precautions for the safe use of adapters.

1. Do not use a power adapter with insufficient voltage and current

This is similar to the first taboo on the use of battery packs, but here is from the perspective of the whole machine. Nowadays, the configuration of notebook computers is getting higher and higher, and the power consumption is also rising. Especially the high-frequency P4-M machine consumes a lot of power. Once the voltage and current of the power adapter are insufficient, it is easy to cause problems such as screen flashing, bad channel of the hard disk, unable to fully charge the battery and crash for no reason.

The battery is powered, the output of the battery is pure DC, which is very clean. The voltage of the battery is neither possible nor required to be designed to be very high. The chemical characteristics of the lithium battery determine that the output voltage of a cell can only be around 3.6V, so many batteries use three-stage series connection, which has become a very popular battery voltage. The nominal value of some batteries is slightly larger than the integral multiple of, for example, or so on, it's actually to protect the battery.

If you are used to removing the battery and plugging it directly into the power supply, it is more likely to cause damage (the battery can act as a buffer here). The most terrible thing is that these problems do not appear immediately, but only after a period of time. When the problem occurs, it is often useless. In addition, when the current and voltage of the Chinese power adapter are insufficient, it may cause the line load to increase, and the machine heats up more than usual, which is not good for the life of the notebook computer.

2. The power adapter should not be dropped or flooded

Laptop power adapters are compact in internal structure for portability. Although they are not as fragile as batteries, they should also be protected from shocks and drops.

As for flooding, because most of the power supply is placed on the ground, it is often discovered after flooding, so you should develop a good use habit, connect the power supply first, then plug the laptop into the laptop, and try not to put the power supply directly on the ground, and place it where you can see it.

The part that charges the battery needs to be added to the battery cell through the battery's charging control circuit. The control circuit can be very complex, so the power supply voltage must be greater than the battery cell voltage to have sufficient capacity to supply each unit of the charging control circuit.

3. The power adapter should not have poor heat dissipation

Many people attach great importance to the heat dissipation of the laptop itself, but few people care about the power adapter. In fact, the power adapters of many machines are not inferior to notebooks, so be careful not to cover them with clothes and newspapers, and place them in a well-ventilated place.

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