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What Kind of Environment is Suitable for the Power Adapter?

1. The working temperature of the power adapter

Generally, a dark plastic shell is used for heat dissipation and temperature control, and the internal components also have their own operating temperatures. In this way, the power adapter requires an ambient operating temperature, that is, room temperature or external temperature.

At present, most of the lithium battery chargers on the market require a working temperature between -10°C and 50°C, so special power adapters must be used to work at some special temperatures. Everyone usually pay attention to the room temperature, and stop using if it exceeds or falls below the working temperature of the lithium battery charger.

2. Working humidity of the power adapter

Everyone knows that electronic products have a working condition of humidity, and power adapters are no exception. The working humidity of the adapter is generally between 10% and 90%. If the working humidity is lower than 10%, it is too dry. The power adapter will not be able to operate or even burn out due to electrostatic interference. If the working humidity is greater than 90%, and the adapter's creepage distance can reach the outside world, so that the safety of electronic products cannot be guaranteed, and the human body or property will also be threatened to a certain extent.

3. The working pressure of the power adapter

Altitude will cause an increase in atmospheric pressure, which directly affects the work of the power adapter. It's like squeezing objects with hands, but if the air pressure is too low, the lithium battery charger will become fragile, prone to breakdown, arcing, corona and other phenomena, which will affect the service life of the adapter and the use of electronic products.

In addition to the above working environment requirements, salt spray, mold, dust, sunlight and other environments can also cause abnormal operation of the power adapter. You should avoid such an environment in time when you use it in your daily work or life. If you are in these environments, you must promptly stop using, so as to ensure the safety of the power adapter and prolong its service life.

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