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USB Phone Charger

USB Type C Phone Charger

What is USB mobile charger?

USB mobile phone charger is composed of a stable power supply and necessary control circuits such as constant current, voltage limit and time limit. And now the new mobile phone uses a USB type C charger. When purchasing compatible mobile phone chargers, we should also pay attention to the brand, which should be produced by regular USB charger manufacturers.

What Phones Use USB C Charger?

USB type-C is a USB interface appearance standard, which has a smaller volume than type-A and type-B, It can be applied to both PC (master device) and external devices (slave devices, such as mobile phones). The charger used in the new smart phones is a USB type C charger. The most intuitive advantage of type-C is that it allows you to completely get rid of the trouble of plugging in. Its inborn excellent positive and negative pluggable interface design will no longer cause component damage caused by wrong plugging or mistakes. More importantly, the type-C interface has strong compatibility, Therefore, it has become a standardized interface that can connect PCs, game consoles, smartphones, storage devices and all electronic devices, and realize the unification of data transmission and power supply.

What is the difference between USB Type C charger and USB Android charger?

USB Type-C is faster than the micro USB connector. Besides, the USB Type-C provides a higher power supply than micro USB. Compared with Type C, micro USB is often used on some relatively old devices. Lots of Android phones are using the USB Type-C as their ongoing charging method. Micro USB was designed to make the devices slimmer so that you can connect them to the computers and hubs. However, micro USB has an obvious limitation on the plug-in method that you can only plug it right. However, the USB C type does not have this limitation.