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Tips for Daily Use of Power Adapter

1. Do not plug the power cord port of the China power adapter into other ports. Insert and unplug the wiring horizontally to prevent the port from loosening. Do not plug or unplug serial ports, parallel ports, PS/2, and other interfaces when powered on.

2. Check the capacitor, resistance, and inductance of the power adapter for problems. If the capacitor is bulging, it is best to replace it in time to avoid hidden dangers. Pay attention to the power cord: Try to pay attention when winding the laptop power cord to avoid breaking the internal cables and causing a circuit break.

If the external power supply does not supply power, you can plug in the laptop battery and try. If the laptop can start normally, there may be a problem with the laptop power cord or laptop power adapter. Then check with a multimeter to find out whether there is a problem with the notebook power cord to simplify the difficulty of troubleshooting. Don't try to open the notebook power adapter shell at the beginning.

3. The power adapter should be protected from harsh chemicals: do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning agents, or strong detergents to clean the charger. To remove the external stains on the charger, use cotton dipped in a small amount of absolute alcohol to scrub.

4. The power adapter should be waterproof and moisture-proof: as an electronic product, accidental water intake or exposure to humid air when it is not used for a long time will cause different degrees of corrosion or oxidation to its internal electronic components.

5. Anti-drop and anti-shock of the power adapter: The mobile phone charger is actually a fragile component, and the internal components cannot withstand a drop.

6. Anti-static when cleaning the power adapter: clean the charger and charging interface regularly. When cleaning, use a damp cloth or an antistatic cloth. Do not use a piece of dried cloth to wipe the power adapter! Do not drop, knock or shake the charger during use.

7. The power adapter should be protected from cold and heat: do not place the charger in a place where the temperature is too high. The high temperature will shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy the charger, and deform or melt some plastic parts.

Do not store the charger in a cold place. When the charger is working in a very cold environment, the internal temperature will rise, and moisture will form in the charger and damage the circuit board.

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