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The Service Life of the Power Adapter

The service life of China's power adapter mainly depends on the service life of electronic components. As long as one component is damaged, it will affect the normal use of the power adapter.

1. The chip IC of the power adapter

The chip is the core device in the power supply. It is recommended to choose a first-line brand to ensure a balance between performance, process and cost.

2. Electrolytic capacitors for power adapters

Electrolytic capacitors are temperature-sensitive devices in power adapter devices. From this point of view, the quality of electrolytic capacitors also determines the life of the power supply device to a certain extent, and AC-DC power adapter products are outstanding.

3. The primary switch tube (MOS tube) of the power adapter

Such switching devices are in a high-speed switching state, and are subject to high voltage stress and current stress. The heating caused by switching loss will also accelerate the aging of the device, and at the same time, it is also prone to breakdown damage due to external high-voltage interference.

4. High frequency power transformer for power adapter

When the high-frequency transformer transmits energy, the internal loss will cause it to heat up, and the heat emitted will also affect the life of the transformer material. Common transformer faults include insulation breakdown, winding burnout, copper wire breakage, etc.

5. Multilayer ceramic capacitors for power adapters

The place where the chip ceramic capacitor is prone to problems is the solder joint of the capacitor, which may break due to some stress. In order to minimize the possibility of occurrence, it is recommended to avoid the parallel use of multiple ceramic capacitors.

6. The output rectifier diode of the power adapter

Diodes are mainly subjected to two major electrical stresses, including reverse withstand voltage and forward current, and diodes are also heat-generating devices. In order to ensure the service life of this device, we will leave enough margin in the design, and finally ensure the batch performance of the power adapter.

7. Photocoupler for power adapter

The current transfer ratio (CTR) will gradually decrease over time, and to keep the loop stable, the LED current will continue to increase, eventually reaching its limit, causing damage to the optocoupler.

In the selection of power adapters for electronic products, it is also necessary to consider the actual use environment and the electrical requirements to select a suitable power adapter. For industrial products, due to the harsh use environment and long use time, it may Sometimes it is 24-hour uninterrupted work, then it is necessary to choose a larger margin to meet its needs.

Generally, in the optional power supply, 10-15% of the overall power is generally reserved, or even more, and for industrial products, it will be larger than this value, similar to a horse that can pull a thousand pounds, but if it is a long distance, then It will pull a little less to make sure not to tire the horse to death. Therefore, whether it is an aircraft, a car or a ship, it is a reason to choose an engine that is greater than the maximum horsepower in the matching engine.

The use and maintenance of the power adapter is also one of the factors that affect its service life. We should not cover the power adapter with sundries, and should ensure its cooling and cooling. Do not place the power adapter in a humid or even watery environment. They are all taboos, and the power adapter is no exception. Of course, the overall waterproofing is done, then it is another matter.

The value of the power adapter lies not only in itself, but also in the level of craftsmanship and design to ensure batch quality. For the service life, the reasonable selection of the power adapter in the overall design of the product and the maintenance of the user during the use process are also one of the factors to ensure the longest service life of the power adapter. What consumers need is the safety and reliability of the power adapter, extending the service life, thereby reducing the production and maintenance costs of the product.

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