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Standardize the Use of the Power Adapter

Cases of fires caused by inferior power adapters are very common in real life. When most people hear similar news, they will complain that the inferior products of unscrupulous power adapter manufacturers have brought great harm to people. Although the power adapter factory believes that the power adapter accounts for a large part of factors leading to the fire, the improper use of the user is also the most direct cause of fire.

Because most of the inferior power adapters manufacturers are unreasonable in the design scheme and cut corners in the specific production process, but the most basic functional safety is still guaranteed. Although this guarantee doesn't mean that national standards are met in the end, basically no problems will occur if users use it according to normal usage specifications.

It is precisely because the user adopts abnormal means of use that directly causes problems with the originally designed power adapter that is not very good.

1. Empty connection of the power adapter leads to excessive heat

The power adapter must be used in an active circuit, which completes the conversion of electrical energy, such as voltage reduction or rectification.

This part of the circuit will generate a certain load, and for many inferior power adapter circuits, manufacturers have not added measures to prevent the high temperature caused by the continuous operation of the load.

In this way, the power adapter will heat up even when it is actually connected to the power supply but not charged. When the heat reaches a certain level, the internal circuit will be damaged, and many of this damage is also accompanied by a short circuit. When the phenomenon occurs, there is a great harm to the circuit in your own room. If there is no fuse or air lock installed, the possibility of fire is very high.

2. Overcharging of the China power adapter causes the battery to burst and explode

Overcharging will also cause the power adapter to generate a lot of heat, but at the same time it should be known that this excessive charging is also a kind of damage to the battery.

If the charging time is too long, the battery may explode. Most of the current batteries use inert lithium to maintain power supply. Once burned, this lithium element will be activated and rapidly oxidized in the air to generate heat. This can lead to a fire.

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