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Safety Specification and Aging Test for Power Adapters

1. Power safety specifications for premium power adapters

When the PC power supply is in use, it may be wrongly connected or short-circuited and the power supply itself may also malfunction, resulting in abnormal output voltage. Therefore, in the design and manufacture of power supplies, safety specifications are a very important part. The protection of the power supply has two aspects. One is to prevent other accessories from being burned and the other is to protect itself from damage.

The external protection of the power supply is mainly overvoltage and undervoltage protection, which means when the output voltage of the power supply is too high or too low to be abnormal, the power supply will stop working. This is very important for the whole machine, because all the expensive parts, such as CPU, hard disk, etc. are relatively fragile and can easily burn out due to excessive voltage.

Each output voltage of the power supply needs to be monitored to prevent this from happening. The method of the power supply designer is to sample the output voltage through the sampling circuit and the sampled signal is connected to the control part after passing through a comparator. Once the output voltage is abnormal, the sampling signal will be reflected immediately and the control part will be notified to shut down. This can effectively protect the motherboard, CPU, memory, hard disk, CD-ROM and other valuable components. Whether the power supply of the power adapter has fast overvoltage protection is very important for the whole machine. In order to prevent burning due to excessive current, the power supply is equipped with a fuse.

2. Aging test of power adapter

The power adapter is a power supply conversion device for small portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances. It can be divided into AC output type and DC output type according to its output type and widely used in telephones, game consoles, walkmans, notebook computers and other equipment.

In the prior art, for the aging test of China power adapters, the AC output type and DC output type power adapters are usually subjected to the electrical connection test of a single product, so the test efficiency is low. On the other hand, the aging test includes multiple items such as light aging, damp heat aging, etc. When different aging test items are changed, the AC interface or DC interface of the power adapter needs to be plugged for multiple times to be electrically connected to different test equipment. Therefore, the signal interface of the product is greatly worn, thereby affecting the performance and service life of the product.

Generally speaking, the power adapter aging test equipment mainly tests the operation time of switching power supply and power adapter, and sees its full load working time. Generally speaking, its working time is 24 hours or 48 hours, and accurate data must be obtained after testing by testing equipment. At the same time, the aging test equipment can test other functional parameters of the power adapter. Through the aging test project, it is possible to know in advance where the product will fail and improve it, which guarantees the quality of the product to a certain extent.

A power adapter aging test appliance includes a base. The base is provided with a product placement slot and the base is provided with a DC-AC PCB board. The DC-AC PCB board is respectively provided with a test port for connecting to the burn-in test device, a DC test port for connecting to the DC connection end of the power adapter and an AC test port for connecting to the AC connection end of the power adapter.

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