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Production Process of Power Adapter

1. The raw materials of the power adapter

The raw materials of the power adapter are purchased, checked and accepted, and warehoused, and then uniformly distributed, picked and produced in accordance with the customer's actual order quantity specifications.

2. Mounting of the power adapter (SMT)

Firstly, one should pass the PCB through the SMT machine for the mounting process.

3. The plug-in (DIP) of the power adapter

The PCB that has been affixed, pull on the plug-in, and perform the plug-in process. The DIP of Chinese power adapter will be subdivided into plug-in, pressing, immersion tin, cutting electronic feet and other processes.

4. Post soldering (repair soldering) of the power adapter

After the test is no problem, pull on the plug-in, the circuit board after immersion in tin, and some electronic components have not been tinned well. At this time, post soldering is required to solve the problem.

5. Observe and repair soldering of the power adapter

After the wave furnace peak soldering, the plug-in is soldered again after the machine, and there is no electronic material that is tinned during the immersion tin. Generally, a PCB is divided into areas, and then manually inspected, and the ones that are not soldered in place Repair welding of some parts.

6. QC test of power adapter

After manufacturing matching test tools, one should test the bare board, if the test is OK, go to the next process. If the test fails, then one should get it to the repairer.

7. The assembly of the power adapter

This process is complicated, and it is also the process that can best detect the level of production technology.

8. Welding wire of the power adapter

Weld the DC wire to the bare board, then older the AC wire to the lower metal part of the shell.

9. Gluing of the power adapter

Gluing the components that are dropped or broken during transportation. There are transformers, filters, solder joints between AC lines and DC lines, etc.

10. Encapsulation of the power adapter

The shell is finally fixed by ultrasonic.

11. The nameplate of the power adapter

After the appearance check is no problem, the laser engraves the corresponding label.

12. The aging test of the power adapter

Transfer to the aging workshop for an aging test. After the aging test for a certain period of time, it will be transferred back to the assembly to do the final full inspection QC test, and a test report will be issued.

13. Packing of the power adapter

Finally, pack the cardboard box into the warehouse and wait for shipment.

As a professional power adapter manufacturer, we always attach great importance to product quality and environmental protection, and have passed the accreditation of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system.

Over the years, our factory has won the trust of many Chinese and international customers. Our philosophy is integrity, dedication, pragmatism, innovation, and to be one of the leaders in the industry. We warmly welcome you to visit us for a win-win cooperation!

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