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UK Wall Power Adapter

We are professional in making UK electrical wall power adapters for phones or other devices charging. Our UK/British outlet and plug wall power adapters are in accord with the standard UK plug which has 3 copper wrapped pins in a triangle shape. We produce the UK standard electrical wall charging adapters and have passed the standard quality inspection by obtaining the BS1363, BS546, BS5733. 

We are reliable for security in that we have the 100% high voltage test,100% aging test and 100% full inspection for our main UK 3 pin electrical power adapter. Our UK power adapter types are comprehensive: wall mount power adapters, interchangeable plug power adapters and desktop power adapters.

Types of UK Wall Power Adapters

UK Electrical Outlet and Plug Types for Power Adapter

Type G outlets for UK main electrical charging power adapters are used throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Unlike the Korean outlet type, These sockets of UK electric charging power adapter have three rectangular holes, including a ground of the UK 3 pin adapter. Outlets for electrical charging power adapters in the UK often have a small switch right above them that must be turned on in order for electricity to flow. Experts generally agree that Type G of the UK wall power adapter is by far the safest of all the kinds of sockets found around the world – a small price to pay for a little extra bulk. Outside of the UK, this outlet type for electrical charging power adapter pretty much only exists in former British colonies such as Hong Kong.

Electricity and Power Supply for Wall Power Adapter in the UK

Like the majority of countries, the frequency of the UK's electrical grid is 50Hz. The standard voltage there is 230V, meaning appliances rated between 220 and 240V can be safely used without a voltage converter.

Are US plugs for Wall Charging Power Adapters the same as the UK?

A US to UK travel power adapter will allow you to use American devices with British sockets. Fortunately, US and UK outlets for electrical charging look nothing alike, so you probably won't make the mistake of trying to plug an American device without a US wall power adapter.

Is the UK power plug of Charging Power Adapters the same as Europe?

All the EU charger adapters operate on the same 2 round pronged outlets except for the UK and Ireland that operate on their own unique 3 flat rectangle pronged outlets.

If you are traveling through the UK or Ireland (including London) you will need the UK and Ireland power point adapter.

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