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Different Standard Power Adapters

Different markets require different standards of power charger. Besides Chinese travel outlet adapter, North and Central America need US plug power adapter, 2 flat parallel pins.

European market need the type of ac power EU charging adapter, a two-wire plug converter that has two round pins for electrical outlet or socket, to match the EU usb cords of phones; travelling in the United Kindom, Scotland, England needs UK type wall plug power adapter, three rectangular pins or more accurate blades in a triangular pattern; for the travel in Australia and New Zealand, universal electrical power adapter equipped with AU plug is needed, a two flat pins in a V-shape outlet charger.

We also provide charger adapter for South Korea and Japan plug socket. It can be said that all kinds of travel power adapters are available in Alrightpower: from Chinese plug to UK, US, Australian, KR power adapter, and to adapter's of various markets.

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