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KR Power Adapter

Our KR power adapters are the standard outlet adapter type with 2 round pins of 4.8 in diameter, a bump in the prong plug, which have passed the standard quality inspection criteria in South Korea by obtaining the KC safety certification. 

Our South Korea charging power adapters with the design of DC regulated power supply are also safer in that we adopt the PC fireproofing covering. KR/South Korea power chargers provided by Alrightpower, a reliable dc adapter manufacturer, have a longer service life for traveling or business using.

Types of KR Power Adapter

South Korea Electrical Outlet and Plug Types for KR Power Adapter

The standard plugs types in South Korea are types F which fits in a Type F&C South Korean power outlet. The power outlet of plug Type C has 2 holes next to each other for living and neutral. The power outlet of plug Type C has two round holes next to each other with two grounding clips on the top and bottom.

Electricity and Power Supply for KR Power Adapter in South Korea

Unlike a voltage of 100V for Tokyo power adapter, South Korea runs a standard voltage of 220V with a standard frequency of 60Hz. If the outlet voltage in your country is lower than in South Korea, you may need a voltage converter adapter to use all your equipment. Our adapters are suitable for powering any volt appliance or device. Please check the information of the power adapter to indicate what voltages the device can work with. So you can choose the most suitable one. The adapter with 100-240V 50/60Hz can be used to work on all voltages.

How can I use US electronics in Korea?

South Korea uses 220v power but the US uses 110v US wall power adapter. You'd better check the power adapters if the voltage range is suitable for your electronics. Our power adapters usually work on the range that includes both voltages.

Does a KR Power Adapter convert the voltage?

A KR power adapter does not have the function of convert the voltage. So if your device does not suit the Korean voltage, you need to buy a voltage converter. For convenience sake, you can find a combined power plug adapter/voltage converter to solve the problem.

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