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AU Power Adapter

Our AU power adapter is a compact and lightweight plastic adapter that has 2 splayed flat pins with a small part using copper wrapped. Australian power plug and outlet adapter allows visitors, who are traveling from another country like the UK, to use a different shaped power plug on electrical appliances and devices in Australia simply by altering the shape of the plug. 

AU power adapter by Alrightpower, a professional dc adapter manufacturer, has good safety performance, adopts original electronic components, designed for low power consumption, and the Australian power plug and outlet charging adapter has passed the Canadian CUL safety certification.

Types of AU Power Adapters

Australia Electrical Outlet and Plug Types for AU Power Adapter

In Australia, the power plugs and sockets for charger adapters are of type I, which is the plug that has 3 thin pins in a triangular pattern for the live, neutral and ground.

Electricity and Power Supply for Power Adapter in Australia

Australia runs a standard voltage of 230 V with a standard frequency of 50 Hz for power plug and outlet adapters. If the outlet voltage in your country is lower as in the range of 100 V - 127 V, you may need a voltage converter adapter for your Chinese or Korea power adapter to use all your equipment. Our AU/Australian power adapters are suitable for powering any volt appliance or device. Please check the information of the AU/Australian power adapter to indicate what voltages the device can work with. So you can choose the most suitable one.

Are EU Plugs the Same as Australia for Power Adapter?

The EU plugs for EU charging adapters are not as same as in Australia you'd expect. Australia uses a 240V AC electrical system with 3 point plugs (although many are just 2 point plugs, with the points angled into each other at the top). You'd better bring an appropriate Australia travel adapter.

What Is the Best Power Adapter for Australia?

The best power adapter for Australia is a Type I plug adapter which is suitable for you to use any 230 volt appliance or device.

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