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Notes in the Applications of Interchangeable Plug Power Adapters

As interchangeable plug power adapters cover more and more areas of production and life, they are facing more and more potential safety hazards. In order to better improve the safety of interchangeable plug power adapters, many manufacturers have provided them with detailed instructions. Here we will extract some of the matters needing attention when using interchangeable plug power adapters from the complex instructions. Here to make an introduction for everyone.

Ⅰ. Before using the interchangeable plug power adapter

When choosing an interchangeable plug power adapter, we should meet the needs of normal places. We must pay attention to whether the equipment meets the standards and meets the safety certification and electromagnetic certification, otherwise it will bring great safety hazards during use.

Ⅱ. What should we pay attention to when using interchangeable plug power adapters?

1. Pay attention to whether the input voltage specification of the interchangeable plug power adapter is consistent with the power supply voltage specification used. There is not much harm if the voltage is higher than the used voltage specification. But if it is lower than the voltage specification, it will cause the motor load when the power is turned on;

2. Before the interchangeable plug power adapter is energized, we should pay attention to whether the lead-in and lead-in wires of the input voltage and the lead-in and lead wires of the output voltage are consistent with the input and output ends, so as to avoid electrical damage or safety caused by current passing;

3. Check whether the interchangeable plug power adapter by Alrightpower, a reputable company specializing in different power adapters such as the Japan ac adapter, is firmly installed. We must pay attention to two aspects: the first is whether the interchangeable plug power adapter is shaken off due to unstable voltage, and all the screws and nuts should be checked. Confirm that it is correct. Second, we need to check whether there is electricity leakage. If there are problems such as electricity leakage during use, it will not only lead to safety hazards, but also affect the safety of power distribution workers;

4. All aspects of the shell of the interchangeable plug power adapter must be checked in detail, and the insulation resistance must also be checked in place;

5. For the floating interchangeable plug power adapter, it is necessary to connect the live wire neutral wire, and also pay attention to the ground wire. For the grounding installation of the interchangeable plug power adapter, install it in accordance with the required grounding surface. When installing, pay more attention to whether the contact surface is stable and whether it is close to metal objects, etc.;

6. For the multi-output power supply with interchangeable plug power adapters involving the plug type of various countries like the Korea power outlet type, more attention should be paid to its power load and capacity. We generally arrange the main circuit and auxiliary circuit during use to avoid accidents caused by sudden power failure. Generally, the main output circuit requires a negative charge of 10% of its load to prevent the load caused by voltage backflow. At the same time, the auxiliary output current is relatively weak. It must meet the function of being able to accommodate the instantaneous current flow after an emergency occurs. 

7. When using interchangeable plug power adapters, we must pay attention not to frequently switch off the power, because the instantaneous voltage will greatly affect its service life. The working environment is also critical. We need a sealed power distribution room. At the same time, having good ventilation equipment will prolong the service life of the interchangeable plug power adapter. On the contrary, the dusty and high temperature environment will not only affect the service life of the interchangeable plug power adapter, but also cause safety accidents.

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