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Notes for You to Use the Power Adapter Correctly

1. Inferior power adapter is easy to cause fire

In addition to the low-quality power supply produced by the manufacturer, improper use by users is also the most direct cause of fire, because most of the low-quality power adapters are unreasonable in the design scheme. In the specific production process, it is also cutting corners, and the finished products do not meet the national standards, but the basic functions and safety are still guaranteed. If the user uses it correctly, basically no problem will occur. It is precisely because the user has adopted an incorrect method of use, which has caused problems with the power adapter that was originally designed not to be very good.

2. Dry connection of the power adapter causes excessive heat

The power adapter must be an active circuit, which completes the conversion of electrical energy, such as step-down or rectification. This part of the circuit will generate a certain load, and in many inferior power adapter circuits, manufacturers have not added high temperature countermeasures to prevent the continuous operation of the load. In this way, the power adapter will actually generate heat when it is actually connected to the power supply without charging. When the heat reaches a certain level, it will cause damage to the internal circuit, and many of this damage is also accompanied by a short circuit. The occurrence of this short-circuit phenomenon is very harmful to the circuit in your own room. If there is no fuse or air brake, the possibility of fire is very high.

3. Overcharge causes the battery to rupture and explode

Overcharging will also cause huge heat generation from the power adapter. The consequences have been explained above, but at the same time, it should be known that this kind of excessive charging is also a kind of damage to the battery. If the charging time is too long, the battery may explode. Most of the current batteries use inert lithium to maintain power. Once burned, this lithium element will be activated, then rapidly oxidized in the air and generates heat to cause a fire.

Incidents about power adapter fire is seen in the news, tragedies are one after another. Everyone should start paying attention to that although the quality of the power adapter is certainly the key, it must be used correctly.

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