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Long-term Link Socket and Aging Test Analysis of Power Adapter

1. The long-term connection socket of the power adapter

I believe that many small partners have a question about the newly purchased products equipped with China power adapters. Can the power adapter be connected to the socket for a long time?

Many people plug the power adapter into the socket for a long time for the convenience of use, and it is always in the state of power on. In fact, the long-term operation of the power adapter in the state of no-load operation has certain negative effects.

Inside the power supply, when the electronic material is powered on for a long time, there will be loss and heat, which will shorten the service life of the electronic material, which will affect the number of times the power adapter is used.

Therefore, we recommend that you should completely cut off the power supply when you do not use the power adapter, and then turn it on when you need to use it; secondly, avoid storing the power adapter in direct sunlight; finally, pay attention to waterproofing and store it in a dry place.

2. Is aging test necessary for power adapter?

Aging refers to the use of high temperature methods to apply environmental stress to the product, while environmental stress screening includes not only high temperature stress, but also many other stresses, such as temperature cycling, random vibration and other methods to test the power adapter.

Why do electronic products have to do a 100% aging test before leaving the factory?

Because in the processing of electronic products, various defects will be introduced (even the best designed products) due to the complex processing and the extensive use of component materials.

Whether it is a processing defect or a component defect, it can be divided into obvious defects and latent defects. Obvious defects refer to those defects that cause the product to not work properly, such as short circuit/open circuit. The latent defect makes the product temporarily usable, but the defect will be exposed quickly during use, and the product cannot work properly, such as insufficient solder. Although the product can be used, slight vibration may break the solder joint.

The obvious defects of the power adapter can be checked by conventional inspection methods (ie ICT: online test, In-Circuit Test, which is to check the manufacturing defects and electrical connections by testing the electrical properties and electrical connections of online components (components made on the board). A standard test for defective components.

It mainly checks the online single components and the open and short circuit conditions of each circuit network, and has the characteristics of simple operation, fast and rapid, accurate fault location, etc. Potential defects cannot be found by conventional inspection methods, but are eliminated by aging methods.

If aging methods are not effective, latent defects that are not removed will eventually manifest themselves in the form of early failures (or failures) during product operation, resulting in higher product return rates and higher repair costs.

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