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Lithium Battery Charger Product Features and Charging Precautions

1. Product features of lithium battery chargers

The lithium battery charger adopts switching power supply and single-chip control technology. It has the following functions and characteristics:

(1) Rated input voltage: 220 VAC;

(2) High charging efficiency: the maximum efficiency can reach 94%;

(3) Fast charging speed: the maximum charging current is 20A;

(4) Short circuit protection;

(5) Input/output overvoltage protection;

(6) With anti-backflow function;

(7) Small output ripple;

(8) The DC voltage of the no-load output port is less than 72V; (in line with the national safety voltage standard)

(9) Internal temperature protection; (When the internal space temperature of the lithium battery charger is higher than 120°C, the output will be stopped; when the internal temperature of the charger returns to 95°C, normal charging will continue.)

(10) The lithium battery charger has its own cooling fan, which can quickly and effectively dissipate heat. When the lithium battery charger is charged in a high temperature environment above 30°C, the surface temperature is relatively high, which is a normal phenomenon, so please use it with confidence.

2. Precautions for charging lithium battery chargers

(1) In order to extend the service life of the lithium battery, it is necessary to charge and discharge the lithium battery frequently. It is necessary to develop the habit of charging an electric vehicle if 80% of the electricity has been used up, and do not run out all electricity before remembering to charging. In addition, lithium batteries should not be stored for a long time.

(2) When charging the rechargeable battery of the electric vehicle, it is necessary to close the electric door lock, and the battery cannot be turned upside down. When charging with the lithium battery charger, it should be fully charged at one time, and it is not suitable to charge it in several times.

(3) Electric appliances should not be stored in the state of power loss, so when the battery is not in use, it is necessary to charge the battery once a month.

(4) The lithium battery needs to use the matching charger when charging. Because the raw material and the production technology of lithium battery are different, the technical requirements for the charger are also different. Therefore, only a special lithium battery charger can be used to charge the lithium battery so as to ensure a longer service life and prevent safety hazards.

(5) When the lithium battery is out of power, the power supply should be closed for riding, and the rising voltage cannot be used to avoid serious power loss, so as to extend the battery life.

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