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Introduction of the Use of Lithium Battery Chargers

Lithium battery charger is a charger specially used to charge lithium ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have higher requirements for chargers and require protection circuits. Therefore, lithium battery chargers usually have high control precision and can charge lithium-ion batteries with constant current and voltage.

1. Lithium battery charger has functions of overvoltage protection and temperature protection

The lithium battery charger is connected with a current-limiting charging power supply and a P-channel field effect transistor, which can safely and efficiently charge a single-cell lithium battery. Its biggest feature is that it can still achieve very low power consumption without using inductance. It adopts the packaging of 8-pinμMAX. The charging control accuracy is 0.75%, and pre-charging can be realized. Besides, the maximum charging time is limited, and the lithium battery is provided with secondary protection. The floating charging method of Alrightpower's 72v lithium battery charger can maximize the battery capacity.

2. The lithium battery charger can automatically detect the charging power source

When there is no power, the lithium battery charger by Alrightpower, a reliable battery charger supplier, will automatically shut down to reduce battery leakage. After starting the fast charge mode, the external P-type field-effect tube will be turned on. When it is detected that the battery voltage reaches the set limit value, it will enter the pulse charging mode. The time for the P-channel field-effect tube to turn on will become shorter. When the charging is completed, the LED indicator light will flash at a 12% cycle.

When the lithium battery charger and battery are within the normal operating temperature range, inserting the battery will start a charging process; the condition for the end of charging is that the average pulse charging current reaches 1% of the fast charging current, or the time exceeds the maximum preset on-chip charging time.

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