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Influence of Long-term Electrification of the Power Adapter and Analysis of Current Sound

Ⅰ. Does long-term power-on affect the power adapter?

Most people have a question about the newly purchased power adapter: Will long-term power-on affect the power adapter?

For the convenience of use, many people plug the power adapter into the socket for a long time, and it is always in the state of being energized. In fact, the power adapter may be negatively affected if it is running at no-load for a long time.

Inside the power supply, electronic materials will lose and generate heat when they are energized for a long time. This will shorten the service life of electronic materials, which will affect the number of times the power adapter is used. Therefore, it is recommended that when the power adapter is not used, the power should be completely cut off, and then the power should be turned on when needed. Secondly, avoid storing the power adapter in direct sunlight. Finally, you need to pay attention to waterproofing, and it should be stored in a dry place.

Ⅱ. The power adapter has current noise

The reasons for the current noise may be the following:

1. The contact between the power cord of the power adapter and the power adapter jack is poor and there is a spark. At this time, you only need to change the wire and clean the small metal post of the power adapter jack.

2. If the magnetic core of the switching transformer in the power adapter is loose, it is not necessary to deal with it. If you really can't stand it, you can turn on the switch transformer and fill it with resin. The sound produced by the interference of current flow: When the shielding measures of some power adapters are not good, the sound will be relatively loud and will not affect the use.

3. It is not normal for a current adapter to have a frictional sound. After all, there is no sound-producing device, it cannot be a current sound. It is normal for the computer to have the slightest rubbing sound. After all, it requires heat dissipation and continuous operation, and it is impossible to have no sound.

In the era when electronic consumer products are widely used, as an important part of the normal operation of electronic products, power adapters are indispensable. But in life, we often find that we are always easy to forget it, which makes us repurchase or borrow different models of similar products to use.

The power adapters of different brands can be mutually common, because the composition of the power adapter is basically the same, mainly composed of components such as shell, resistor, electrofusion, transformer, IC, PCB board and so on. The working principle is the same, as long as the parameters of the power supply are consistent, it can be used. For example, power adapters with matching parameters such as voltage range, current, ripple, and socket can be used normally for different devices.

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