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How to Use the Vehicle Power Adapters Correctly?

With the popularization of digital products, people are experiencing more and more "no electricity" troubles. In response to market demand, various types of mobile power supplies and car chargers have emerged. The emergence of these products has brought a lot of convenience to our daily lives, but there are also a series of problems that follow, especially the hidden dangers of safety issues. So how to use the vehicle power adapters in a safe way?

Vehicle Power Adapters

1. The correct use of the vehicle power adapters

First of all, we have to understand the difference between the vehicle power adapters and the commonly used charger. The main difference between them lies in the plug. The plug of the car charger such as a 72 Volt golf cart battery charger is the cigarette lighter type. You can find the cigarette lighter in the car (usually there is one in the cab and another in the luggage compartment), insert the plug (you have to insert it all the way until you hear a clicking sound).

Then connect the other end to the mobile phone or other digital device to be charged. According to different charging products made by the power adapter manufacturer, configure the corresponding data cable.

Finally, observe the LED indicator of the car charger, if the light is on, it is in the charging state.

It should be noted that when charging the corresponding device, please note that the charger can be used on the device only after the car engine is started, otherwise the voltage drop of the car battery will affect the charging effect when the car is ignited. It may even damage the vehicle power adapters.

2. Matters needing attention on vehicle power adapters

(1) Do not place the charger in a humid or high temperature environment, and the suitable temperature for use is 0 to 45℃;

(2) There will be a certain amount of heat during use. At normal room temperature, it is normal for heat not to exceed 60°C, which will not damage the battery;

(3) Due to the differences in various charging products, the charging time is different, which has nothing to do with the charging performance of the vehicle power adapter;

(4) Avoid lightning strikes;

(5) Keep it away from children;

(6) Pull out the plug in time after charging, pay attention to the hygiene of the USB interface, remove the vehicle power adapter when it is not in use, and then put it away.

Therefore, out of safety considerations, we must buy regular brands and purchase quality products. Inferior products are prone to safety hazards. In addition, when using it, be sure to follow the correct method.

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