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How to Test the Aging of the Power Adapter?

How to test the power adapter for the aging problem? For consumers, aging test may be a relatively unfamiliar term, but it doesn't matter. Shenzhen Shi Alrightpower technology Co., Ltd, as a professional power adapter manufacturer, will now give you a brief explanation of what ageing test is, why power adapters need aging test and what the purpose of AC adapter test for the aging problem is.

How to Test Power Adapter

What is the power adapter test for aging problem?

In simple terms, the aging test means that the power adapter is fully loaded for a period of time to work to see what problems the power adapter will have. Of course, someone will ask, how long is a period of time? One day? Two days? Generally, it is very conventional that it must be aged for at least several hours, of course, this time can be considered according to the pursuit of the quality of this power adapter and the cost.

In a more general understanding, the aging test is actually an extremely cruel and destructive test, because only by doing this, the products that flow to the client are excellent products, and the good power adapter manufacturers will only sell these good products to the customers. In fact, this is the question I will explain next. Why do power adapters need to be done the aging test?

How to Test Ac Adapter

Why does the power adapter test for aging problem need to be done?

In fact, like KR adapter, many power adapter products on the market have not undergone aging tests. Why say that? The most important thing is that most of the power adapter products that flow out of the production line already have all their functions and can be used directly. However, if the aging test is not done, then many problems may occur in the early stage of power use. For example, short circuit, no voltage, no current, and even explosion are possible, but these problems can be completely avoided after the aging test. Of course, problems occur after using for one year or more, but it is the problem of the service life of the power supply, and there is no way to control it.

Of course, this problem cannot be said to be so absolute. Our analysis is only a theoretical result, because it does not rule out that you have bought a copycat product that has not been aging tested, but it is no problem to use it, maybe problems take a year or two to occur, but the power adapter products such as CN adapter that have been aging tested are safer.

A final remind is that when everyone chooses a power adapter, you must find a professional and regular power adapter manufacturer who know well about how to test an AC adapter in a right way.

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