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How to Repair the Power Adapter?

Five steps to repair the power adapter:

1. If the original power adapter is faulty and needs to be repaired, the first step is to prepare tools. We need a multimeter, screwdriver, and welding tools.

2. There are four plastic caps on the power adapter. Try not to damage the shell of the power adapter. After the shell is damaged, there will be problems such as strengthening of electromagnetic radiation, which will affect the stability of the machine.

If the casing is damaged, try to repair it. If the external power supply does not supply power during the disassembly process, you can try plugging in the battery. If the machine can start normally, there may be a problem with the power cord or the Chinese power adapter.

After opening the appearance and opening the shielding layer, it is best to check the solder feet first, and observe with the naked eye. The circuit is intermittent and generally has poor contact. Then test with a multimeter to find out if there is a problem with the power cord to simplify maintenance.

3. During the test of the power adapter, if it is found that the resistor pins are soldered, then use a welding tool to repair it, install the power adapter, and start the test. The result is that the problem is solved.

It should be noted that if there is a problem with a certain capacitor during the testing process, you can buy a capacitor with the same model and capacity, then solder the problematic capacitor down, and then solder the new capacitor on.

If you find a problem with the IC power chip, you can solve it in the same way. Of course, because the IC chip is definitely one of the most important electronic components in the power adapter, the capacitor is too complicated.

4. During the maintenance process of the optional power adapter, since the current power adapter has adopted a large number of SMD components, once the component fails, the maintenance is even more difficult.

The power of the power adapter is also increasing day by day, which puts more and more challenges on the electronic components. If the quality of the electronic components used in the power adapter is not good enough and the PCB wiring is improper, it is likely to increase the probability of failure. Therefore, buying a good quality power adapter is very helpful for the stability of the notebook.

5. Check whether there is any problem with the capacitor, resistor, inductance of the power adapter. If the capacitor is bulging, it is best to replace it in time to avoid hidden dangers.

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