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How to Choose a Good Quality Lithium Battery Charger?

The quality of the lithium battery charger directly determines the service life of the lithium battery, so it is very important to choose a good quality lithium battery charger. The output voltage of the charger must be matched according to your battery, which must be accurately grasped.

1. Check the charging speed of the lithium battery charger

Common lithium battery chargers adopt the method of constant current charging, and the charging speed is mainly related to the current provided by the charger. The higher the charging current, the faster the charging speed. The length of the charging time is not only related to the charging speed, but also depends on the capacity of the lithium battery. It should be noted that the larger the charging current, the higher the quality requirements for the internal system design of the charger and lithium battery.

In general, the higher the charging current, the more heat may be caused during the charging process, and the greater the damage to the performance of the battery. Low-quality chargers and batteries are prone to safety performance problems such as liquid leakage when fast charging at high currents.

2. Check the charging efficiency of the lithium battery charger

The energy input to the lithium battery during charging is not all converted into the energy stored in the battery, and part of it is used for side reactions inside the battery and converted into heat during the charging process, so the charging efficiency is always less than 100%.

3. Check the charge termination control of the lithium battery charger

Small current chargers generally adopt the method of time control. The greater the current provided by the charger, the more complex the method of charge termination control, and the higher the cost and price. For users, the choice should be made according to their actual situation.

If the battery capacity is not very high, or the charging speed is not particularly important, you can choose an ordinary charger; if it is necessary to choose a quick charger with a higher price, it is best to check the performances of the lithium battery charger and lithium battery.

4. Judge the quality of the lithium battery charger

A good electric vehicle charger adopts positive and negative pulse technology, which can effectively prevent, suppress and eliminate the vulcanization and polarization of the battery.

It can keep the capacity of the new battery stable for a long time; restore the capacity of the old battery that has been polarized and whose capacity has decreased, effectively extending the battery life by 2 to 3 times. The lithium battery charger has the functions of intelligent timing protection, automatic temperature compensation, instantaneous power grid impact protection, super moisture-proof and anti-corrosion functions.

5. The charging cable for the lithium battery charger

The same is true for the charging cable. It is best to use the original or packaged charging cable. If it is a similar charging cable, it should be marked on it to avoid confusion.

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