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Choose a Quality Power Adapter

China's research and development of switching power adapters to production control is very strict, but with the continuous updating and development of smart products, China's domestic power adapter industry is also developing rapidly, and switching power adapters of different models and powers have flooded into our However, due to the differences in the level, scale and production process of manufacturers, the quality and price of the power adapters produced will also be very different. So how do we identify the advantages and disadvantages of switching power adapters?

We can quickly identify from four aspects:

1. Check the safety certificate of the power adapter

China's control of power adapters falls within the scope of the national mandatory certification catalog. Therefore, the regular power adapters circulated in the domestic market have passed the national compulsory certification. When we buy the power adapter, we first look at the nameplate to see whether the conforming mark is printed.

In addition, we can check the certificate model of the product on the Internet. If the product has passed the safety certification, then we can choose this power adapter.

2. Carefully check the marking of the power adapter

We need to look at the interface and plug of the power adapter. First, determine whether the size of the DC head is consistent with the device you are using. This is the most basic. If the size does not match, it will not work.

3. Check the interface and plug of the power adapter

Then see if the DC head is loose, because if the interface of the China power adapter is unstable, the current of the whole machine will be unstable, which will cause damage to the equipment and cause safety accidents.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing 5W to 120W power adapters/battery chargers, USB chargers and 100W to 3600W battery high power chargers. Almost all our products have passed UL, CE, GS, RCM, PSE, KC, KCC, BS, CCC and other safety certifications. Our customers come from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, etc.

Our R&D department has more than 50 professional technicians and engineers. Over the years, we have developed hundreds of products and obtained more than 30 patents. Our battery charger and usb charger factory is equipped with a total of 8 automated production lines. And thanks to modern production and testing equipment, the stable output of our factory can reach 2.5 million units/month. Welcome to consult.

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