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Can the Power Adapter Be Universal?

Many people have such a question whether the power adapter can be used universally. 

Ⅰ. What is the power adapter?

Many power adapter manufacturers provide the power adapter, which is also called an external power supply. It is also a voltage conversion device. The power adapter produced by a regular manufacturer will have a nameplate. There will be main information about it, such as power, input and output, and current. Attention should be paid to the range of its input voltage. This nameplate is very crucial to indicate the instructions for use of the product.

It is safe to use electronic equipment within the specified voltage range. If some electronic products are not purchased through official channels, such as computers, if they are parallel imports, there is probably no compatible voltage design on them. It is only suitable for local use, because the voltage of some countries is 110 volts. If you plug in 220 volts in China, the computer motherboard will be burned, so the Chinese power adapter is very important.

Ⅱ. What kind of power adapter can be used universally?

What needs to be explained here is that power adapters of different specifications are not universal. You must pay attention to this. Don't think it doesn't matter if you use it once or twice temporarily, it's better to stop it.

Check the voltage between uses, the voltage must be the same, otherwise it will burn the appliance or cause it to fail to work. In addition, the output current of the selected power adapter must be greater than the working current of the electrical appliance, otherwise, the power adapter will burn out due to overcurrent, and sometimes we may find that our electronic products are still good before, but we don't know what The reason is suddenly unable to start. At this time, you should consider whether you want to replace the power adapter casually.

If the interface between the power adapter and the electronic product is inconsistent, don't just change the interface and use it again. When using the power adapter, the negative polarity must be the same, otherwise accidents may occur.

Then someone will ask what kind of power adapter can be used universally? The power adapter with proper voltage and current not less than the original power supply can be replaced. This includes two important pieces of information. Proper voltage means that the voltage of the power adapter should only be higher than the voltage of the electronic device.

But if it is our own use, such as the power adapter on a mobile phone or computer, we'd better use the original one, which will be safer. If you need to replace it, you also need to choose the most suitable one under the recommendation of professionals.

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