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Battery Charger

A battery charger is a device that provides direct current to the battery to restore the used-up electrolyte. We are a professional battery charger supplier, for the application of our battery chargers, some are used for on-board marine boats, motorcycles, electric mini bikes, mopeds, cars, etc. called auto vehicle battery chargers. While some, with relatively cheap price, are for mobile phones or external cell phones, so we have the phone battery charger. Alrightpower, a professional battery charger supplier and big battery charger factory, also provides many small portable rechargeable battery chargers and 12v multi-stage intelligent battery chargers for your electronic cars or smart phones.

Types of Battery Charger for Sale

What is a Battery Charger and How to Use Battery Charger Right?

The voltage of the battery charger and the battery should be the same, i.e. 12 V battery voltage = 12 volt battery charger. And 6 V battery voltage requires a 6 volt battery charger. Remember to keep the charger as far from the battery as the cables will allow, and never leave the charger on top of the battery while it's charging! For more information, please contact us and get related battery charger videos by Alrightpower battery charger supplier.

How to Pick the Right Battery Charger?

It is important to choose a charger based on desired outcomes from Alrightpower, a reliable battery charger and USB wall charger manufacturer with its own factory in China. And be sure to check that your charger is suitable for your battery type. Besides, the design, quality, and bulk price of battery charger should also be taken into consideration. As one of the best battery charger manufacturers in China, Alrightpower battery charger factory has different types of battery chargers for sale, all with quite affordable price and widely used. Select one from battery charger manufacturer Alrightpower based on your needs, for external lawn mower, for your electric bike, etc.

Choosing a Charger Based on Battery Type

For gas-powered vehicles, the lead acid battery charger with corresponding volt 6v, 12v, and 36v is the most appropriate. If you have an electric or hybrid vehicle using industrial lithium-ion phosphate battery, you should choose a lithium polymer battery charger for your intelligent motorcycle, eletric bike, e rickshaw, or auto car. So before heading to the store, check your owner's manual and get the right type, 72 volt lead acid battery charger or 72 volt lithium ion battery charger.

Determining Battery Size

Battery chargers vary in size depending on the AC DC battery charger manufacturers, but most quick start 12V 12A battery chargers are of specific group size. The owner's manual provides the fully automatic car's cut off battery group size, and you can find it in the battery section. Reference guide by battery charger suppliers and retailers can also help determine the proper battery size for rechargeable batteries.

Choosing a Battery Charger Based on the Desired Outcome

When going abroad to study or travel, you can consider the Alrightpower input chargers. When you're out, you'd better choose a waterproof battery charger. If you want to charge various batteries at the same time, Alrightpower chargers suit you best, because we are an established battery charger supplier with many years' experience. Available output: 3.6v, 3.7v, 7.2v, 7.4v, 4.8v, 5v, 6v, 9v, 9.6v, 12v, 14.4v, 16v, 18v, 24v, 36v, 48volt, etc; 1amp, 1.5amp, 4amp, 5amp, 6amp, 8amp, 10amp, 12amp, 15amp, 20amp, 25amp, 30amp, 40amp, 50amp, 100amp, 300amp...

Battery Chargers and Charging Methods

Inappropriate charging methods will cause damage to all kinds of battery chargers such as household home battery chargers and motor car battery chargers. The essence of good charging is to be able to detect when the reconstitution of the active chemicals is complete and to stop the charging process before any damage is done while at all times maintaining the cell temperature within its safe limits. The temperature signal, or a re-settable fuse, can also be used to turn off or disconnect the charger when danger signs appear to avoid damaging the lipo or lithium ion battery with output of 3.7v, 7.4v, 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 240volt and so on. This simple additional safety precaution is particularly important for high power car batteries where the price or consequences of failure can be both serious and expensive. If you take interest in our products, do contact us for charger wholesale.

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