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Applications of Power Adapters & Chargers

  • LOT


    Alrightpower's power adapters are widely used by LOT products, such as access control systems, visual intercom, and so on.
  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics

    Alrightpower's USB charger is widely used by all kinds of cellphone, tablet, and so on
  • Beauty Device

    Beauty Device

    Alrightpower's Power adapters can be used by all kinds of beauty devices such as facial cleansing instruments, hair removal beauty devices and so on.
  • Household Appliances

    Household Appliances

    Household Appliances such as humidifiers, massage instruments are also one of our main applications of the power adapters.
  • Vehicle


    Battery charger main applications are all kinds of vehicles, such as forklift, sightseeing car, low speed car and so on.