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Our Battery chargers are widely applied in all kinds of Vehicles such as an electric forklift, electric car, electric motorcycle, electric boat, electricity Sightseeing tour buses, electric patrol cars, electric golf carts, electric scooters, electric lifting platform, electric pallet trucks and so on.


Main application of 360W to 600W AC adapter charger by Alrightpower, a professional AC adapter manufacturer: Forklift, ground washer, electric motorcycle and so on

900W to 3600W main application: Electric motorcycle, Golf-cart, Sightseeing car, Cleaning car, Low-speed car and so on

Below is some Features of our battery charger 

AC Input Voltage Range AC100V-AC240V 

AC Input Frequency: 45-65HZ

AC Power Factor Correction: ≥0.98

Output Voltage:12V -90V 

Output Current: 3A ~120A 

Full Load Efficiency ≥90%

Operation Temperature: -20℃~+45℃

Storage Temperature:-40℃~+85℃

Protection : 

Thermal Self-Protection,

Short Circuit Protection,

Battery Reverse Connection Protection,

Battery Open-circuit Protection.