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Household Appliances

Alrightpower's power adapter is widely used by all kinds of Household Appliances, such as a humidifier, aroma diffuser, massage instrument, etc.


Almost all of Alrightpower's power adapter, whether it's Korean outlet adapter or China adapter type, is with IEC-61558 standard or IEC 60335-1 standard approval. IEC-61558-1and IEC 60335-1:2020 deal with the safety of electrical appliances for household and similar purposes.

Below is our typical models which are widely used by Household appliances.

30W series (12V 2A )

Wall mount type, interchangeable plug type

Typical out: 12V 2A ;12V 2.5A ;24V 1A 

Certification: UL/CUL-Class 2 Power Supplies; IEC60335-2-29

EN 61558-2-16; EN 61558-1:2005;

J61558-2; J61558-1; 

AS/NZS 61558.1; AS/NZS61558.2.16

Plug type: US, EU, UK, AU, KR, JP or CN

Compatible: Household Appliances products that need 12V 2A or 24V 1A output

60W series (12V 5A )


Certifications :UL/CUL-Class 2 Power Supplies; IEC60335-2-29

EN J61558-2-16;EN J61558-1:2005 ;


AS/NZS 61558.1;AS/NZS61558.2.16

Typical out: 12V 5A / 24v 2.5A

Plug type: US ,EU, UK, AU,KR ,JP or CN

Compatible:massage instruments, humidifier or other household Appliances need 12V5A or 24V 2.5A output