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Application of Interchangeable Plug Power Adapter

Power adapter is used to provide matching power supply voltage for electrical appliances. Simply put, the electrical equipment you use may be inconsistent with the parameters of the mains or other power supply, and the power adapter is used for conversion, which is the so-called transformer. It is a small power supply conversion device that converts AC power. It is direct current, which converts high-voltage electricity into low-voltage electricity.

1. Interchangeable plug power adapter solves the problem of inconsistent power plug standards

When we are not paying attention, there is a lot of charging and power supply equipment around us. Especially the charging power adapter, which is the switching power adapter in professional terms. Before there was an interchangeable plug power adapter, power adapters were all fixed AC pins. As we all know, because the standards of power plugs in many countries are different, the common ones are Chinese regulations, American regulations, European regulations, British regulations, and Japanese regulations. This has brought inconvenience to our travel; and the emergence of interchangeable plug power adapters undoubtedly solved this embarrassing problem very well.

2. What is the interchangeable plug power adapter

As the name implies, the power plug can be replaced at any time. Generally, the interchangeable plug power adapter is equipped with four pins: American, European, Australian, and British, which are basically compatible with all socket types in the world. So when you travel abroad, you don't need to buy a power adapter with the corresponding pin separately. An adapter can basically be used globally.

3. Interchangeable plug power adapters are widely used

The interchangeable plug power adapter is suitable for various instruments, tablets, smart phones, communication equipment and beauty equipment. Since manufacturers of electronic equipment cannot determine which country their future customers are from, the emergence of convertible power adapters has largely facilitated the export of equipment manufacturers. The detachable plug greatly relieves the inventory pressure of the supporting power adapter manufacturers, and also provides convenience for the end users. From this, we can see the importance and broad market prospects of matching interchangeable plug power adapter with adapters of different countires, such as AU power adapter, EU charging adapter and so on.

The interchangeable plug power adapter consists of a power adapter body and a detachable power plug. The plugs usually have Chinese regulations, American regulations, Japanese regulations, European regulations, British regulations, Australian regulations, etc.; conductive plugs are provided on the detachable plugs, The adapter is installed on the adapter body, and the adapter and the adapter body are in contact with the plug through the conductive elastic sheet to conduct electricity. After the two are clamped, a conductive path is formed. When users go to different countries, they only need to change the corresponding adapter, which is very convenient.

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